KR Style meme Riffu by Avalanchely
Riffu unhenshin mode
Personal Info
Real name Riffu (family name unknown)
Race {{{race}}}
Gender Female
Date of birth 7 March
Place of birth Surabaya
Age 17
Laterality {{{laterality}}}
Height/weight 160 Cm/44 Kg
Canvas Purple leaves
Faction Hero
Division 10
Ability Info
Weapon type Lantern
Weapon name Midnight
Fighting style Long range
Pet {{{pet}}}
Special ability Cat eye like, Purple aura(trap enemy)
Berserk mode Glowra(glow and aura) Limit

Riffu is one of the Hero in canvas ranger. She is in 10th division. She is a high school student.

Appearace and Personality Edit

Riffu have a cold,serious, and quite personality, though she actually have a short temper when there is something make her mad. Have a blueish long hair, and purple eyes. She actually Tsundere and Yandere when it's about her sister, Mitsuki. But she is fond with cute things. Riffu wear a sleveeless yellow jacket with black tank top inside. A purple skirt and brown boots, with other stuff.

History Edit

Riffu actually live at Japan, but borned at Surabaya city, Indonesia. Since she was a kid, she always get sick many times, her physical weak, her neighbor Sigi is a daughter of doctor so they always hel each other. Riffu parents sometimes left Riffu alone at home because of their bussiness, though they're actually do not want their child alone at home.

One day, Riffu's sister born and her name is Mitsuki, Riffu love her very much and because of this, her parents can stay at home to take care Mitsuki. When Mitsuki reach 2 years old, their parents gone again to take care their bussiness and now left both of them.

Suddenly, Riffu's sicknees getting worse, only Mitsuki taking care of her but Riffu faint and Coma for 5 days. when she woke up, she found herself at Sigi's clinic, and she got amnesia that time. She even forgot everything about her sister while Mitsuki gone from home.

When Riffu 17 years old, she joined Canvas Ranger because she hates artblock and might found something related to her past. There she met with her sister again, of course at first time Riffu dont know anything about her, after Mitsuki explained it to her, she realized Mitsuki is her sister who missing for 10 years.

CR Her childhood by Avalanchely

Riffu childhood

Pet Edit

Fururiru or Fufu for short, is actually Riffu stuffed plushie, one night Riffu walked around forest and there she met so called Nature God, and it possessed Fufu and made Fufu live and able to talk. Riffu gained power from He/She a "Purple leaves".Fufu have a gray body, 2 little wings, greenish long tail, with leaves sign on it's forehead.

Henshin mode and weapon Edit

Riffu using her lantern when she patrol around at nigth to search Artblock virus, but mostly Fufu help her. When Riffu enter her henshin mode, Fufu merged with her which it give Riffu more power to fight.
Seraaaaang flag command

Riffu at WAR

Trivia Edit

1.Riffu names from "leaves" spell in japanese 2.Her parents already dead but only Mitsuki her sister know 3.Admiring someone from Villain side

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