Ravenia is one of Canvas Ranger Hero, a member of 27th division.

Ravenia Fietheria
Personal Info
Real name Ravenia Fietheria
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of birth September 15th
Place of birth Monteriggioni, Italy
Age 16
Laterality Ambidextrous
Height/weight 170cm / 45 kg
Canvas Jiwa (Soul)
Faction Hero
Division 27th Division
Ability Info
Weapon type
Weapon name
Fighting style Long-ranged, magic
Pet Quirilia
Special ability Psionics and psychokinesis
Berserk mode


Ravenia is a young 16-years old girl. She has long black hair that reach her back. Her eyes is purple.

She wears a black and white short gothic lolita dress, zettai-ryouiki type black socks, white lacy high-heels decorated with black flower and black headbands with white lace and two black feather. On the back of her dress, a big gray ribbon is tied.

Henshin ModeEdit

Berserk ModeEdit

Personality Edit

She is stubborn but caring to others.

History Edit

Ravenia was born in Monteriggioni, Italy. When she's born, a devil-like creature possess her. The devil was sent by someone who holds a grudge against Ravenia's father. Since then, she is usually manipulated by that creature. All her friends leave her because they feared her, except one, which eventually killed because of that creature.

Ravenia was very angry and wants to kill herself so that creature will die along with her, but her mother who knows about it, tries to pull the creature out of Ravenia's body. But the creature then switch to her mother's body and killed her (along with the creature itself). When Ravenia's father discovered that his wife is died because of his own daugher, he desperately tried to kill Ravenia. Soon Ravenia escaped to other place, Firenze.

When her age is 16, she tried to come to his father's homeland, Indonesia and she arrived at Canvas Ranger. When she wants to came in, there's a car in high speed that will crash her, but she didn't know. The car hits her but she didn't injured while the car is broken. It turns out that Ravenia have psionic power. Someone from Canvas Ranger witnessing that and invited Ravenia to Canvas Ranger, hero fraction.

In Canvas-Ranger Edit


27th Division's Maid Cafe

27th DivisionEdit

After a while, Ravenia joined Pioneer F's 27th Division with Kairi, Lonelia, Namika and Arlene. They established a Maid Cafe and she currently works there as a maid.

Ability Edit

Psionic power Edit

Ravenia have an ability of using her mind to induce paranormal phenomena, like controlling her surroundings.Same like Telekinesis power,but Psionic power needs more consentration so it will work necessary.

Psychokinetic burst Edit

A mind movement technique using ultrasonic from Ravenia's scream.

Mind reading Edit

Ravenia can see what other people think.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Her author stated that she loves raven's feather and cute animals.
  • Her author stated that her favourite food is tiramisu and cappucino.
  • Her blood type is A

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