Professor Fauz
Prof Fauz Wiki
Fauz's usual appearance
Personal Info
Real name Fauzi Bowo Bin Yono Aroksodo Van Elektrono Jr.
Race Human
Gender Male
Date of birth June 30, 1992
Place of birth Jakarta
Age 20
Laterality Ambidextrous (Makan Tangan Kanan, Cebok Tangan Kiri)
Height/weight 175 cm/59 kg
Canvas Space Telescope
Faction Hero
Division 23rd Division Sumber Jaya
Ability Info
Weapon type Gadget
Weapon name Impian Watch, Telescopex, SUJAZORD
Fighting style Hand to hand, Long-range
Pet Eindozat Galileo
Special ability Extremely genius, over-tech gadget
Berserk mode unknown

Fauz is a blue-haired mad scientist that known as troublemaker in Canvas Ranger world. He is a member of 23rd division, Sumber Jaya.


Fauz usually wear a Round-shaped glasses and a lab coat with a plain shirt in it. His eyes and hair's color is blue. Though his hair is blue, his real hair color is black, he has one because he dyed it.


His personality is a bit crazy and always make a fuss everywhere. He is the kind of person that not see people by their appearence or what side that they choose, Hero or Villain. Even though he possess an increadible intelligence, he usually act base on his instict. He think that if he always calculate everything what happen around him, it will make things not interesting.


He's a son of famous british and Indonesian Astronomers. After he survived in a accident that killed both of his parents, he lived with his Grandpa. His history after this event is not clear, when he gain his intelligence? when he meet Eindozat Galileo? when he get his Prof. title? No one knows.

As a RangerEdit

When he still in regeneration, he act as freelance inventor that make almost everything that his customer ask, wether it dangerous or safe invention. After he got his team, 23rd Division, he make a Corporation called Sumber Jaya with 23rd villlain side. Outside his division, he is in relationship with another Ranger, Lieve Glimlach.

23rd Division, Sumber JayaEdit

23 full

Sumber Jaya's member

After he get his division with the Kagemui twin, his step-bro Luc Lyrie, Hyuna Sakuragi and Garuda Pancalangit (previously filled by Kuro Ranmaru). He bulid Sumber Jaya after he merged

his division and Villain side division, that the members are the Verntina twin, Hawthrone M. , Alisa, Noteno Molla and Nodoca N. H.. It's rare to see two opposite division to merge into one team in Canvas Ranger because their primary objection is different. Even though at first his comrade against him, he still insist to build SUJA. Now he act as SUJA leader (of course after few quarrel) and its intelligence section director.


  • His love relationship with Lieve is so simple yet so complicated.
  • He share a same disciple with his division comrade Garuda, Kairi
  • He create his canvas, Telescopex, by himself
  • His step-bro, Luc Lyrie, has a another step-bro and step-sis, the Kagemui twin. Its make them as Fauz step-bro and step-sis too.
  • Fauz often play to Asad's shop before his friend become a Villain Co-leader