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Chester "NyaNya"
Personal Info
Real name Schrodinger Erviella (Schro)
Chester (NyaNya)
Race Imaginary Being (Cheshire Cat)
Gender Male
Date of birth August 13th 1633
Place of birth Wonderland
Age (As of August 2012) 379 years old
Laterality Ambidextrous
Height/weight 70 cm / 8 kg (NyaNya Human Form)
168 cm / 53 kg (Schro Human Form)
Canvas Cheshire
Faction Villain
Division 27th Division
Ability Info
Weapon type Physical & Magic
Weapon name -
Fighting style Mid-Long ranged
Physical & Magical attacks
Pet -
Special ability Invisibilty
Reality Rejection
Mad Hatter
Knave of Hearts
March Hare
Berserk mode Queen of Hearts

"If you claim that you're strong, just being strong is already a weakpoint in front of someone like me."
—Schrodinger Erviella

Schrodinger Erviella Chester "NyaNya" is a member of Canvas Ranger, aligned with Villains and currently enrolling in the 27th division with Jester, Verbe, Kanina, and MEGA -- mainly serving as the mascot of the division.

He was the pet cat of Vaein and Rina and also a student of Xaviera. As of now, he's in a relationship with his owner, Vaein. He's also the step-brother of both Umbra and Trixy from the 35th Villain division.

He is the original Cheshire Cat, as his form was given by Alice Lidell while his identity (his current name) was given by Erviella Schrodinger. After Alice's death, her wish to keep him alive as an imaginary cat later gave him his Canvas, Cheshire Canvas.

Appearance Edit

Cat Form Edit

As a cat, NyaNya supports a noticably fat and round body with purple fur which in turns making him look like a smiling ball of fur. NyaNya also could be seen with noticably the same purple eyes but with lighter color compared to his fur and the most noticable Cheshire-like smile. He has two markings that could be seen upon his forehead and also his tail.

Schro, in the other place, supports the same noticably fat and round body but with black fur. His eyes are golden instead of light purple while his forehead and tail still supports the same marking albeit with darker color compared to NyaNya's.

Human Form Edit

In his human form, NyaNya could be seen as a purple-haired toddler whose height only reach the knee of most adult normal humans. A pair of droopy cat ears could also be seen upon the sides of his head. He shares the same eye color with his cat form albeit his left eye is blind and a scar could also be seen placed upon the top of his left eye. The red-colored collar that was given by Vaein could be seen attached around his neck, complete with the stabilizer that was given by Nate to him. Commonly, he could be seen dressed in a simple oversized piece of cloth that covers his whole body.

Schro, in his human form, could be seen as a black-haired teenager with average height, while a pair of cat ears could be seen attached on top of his head. He shares the same eye color with his cat counterpart although when compared to NyaNya, his left eye is not blind and there's no scar on top of his left eye just as well. The same red-colored collar that was given by Vaein could be seen attached around his neck, complete with the stabilizer that was given by Nate to him. Generally, when at home, he's usually seen topless and wearing jeans. When going out, he could usually be seen with V-patterned shirt and the same jeans.

Personality Edit

Chester "NyaNya"Edit

"That's okay, because I love Vaein-sama and Rina Onee-chan more than anything!"
—Chester "NyaNya"

Even upon the first look, it's rather too easy to conclude that NyaNya's personality is that of a childish toddler. As he's easily distracted, he also has a love towards certain things and quite easy to admit how he feels even during the most embarrassing situation possible.

NyaNya also has a huge appetite and loves cheese especially.

Schrodinger ErviellaEdit

"Stop that. I'll seriously get angry."

As the counterpart of NyaNya and the one bearing all of his "pain", Schro could be considered as particularly knowledgeable and has considerable intellect. Through his accumulation of information, he is an apt judge of character and able to predict the reactions of people who he encounters.

After the encounter with both Vaein and Rina, he strives to protect them as NyaNya claims that they are the most important people for the two other than Alice and Erviella (although by this point, NyaNya has yet to be able to accept that Alice is already dead).

After the incident where Erviella's life became the price, Schro developed a cold and reserved exterior but in fact despite this, he could appear caring and kind. He can also be harsh at times; especially towards the people he consider as "dangerous" to his Master (mostly to Vaein and Rina). At one time, he states that he'd do anything it takes to protect them.

During his interaction or rather a conversation with Sieben, it is hinted that he both idolizes and is slightly jealous of Sieben's personality. Although Schro tend to claim that he's proud of himself because he's always able to stay true to his feelings, he's also jealous of Sieben because unlike him, Schro is incapable of hiding how he truly feels.

By comparison according to their conversation, both Sieben and Schro are in fact very similar, but their methods (and reasonings) are like opposite sides of a coin. Although they seemed to share a mutual animosity against each other, it could be noted that Schro in actuality respects Sieben -- as they could be considered a "reverse" of each other.

Deep down, he is someone that aches for the light, as shown when he allows Vaein to pick him up and keep him as a pet cat even after the incident with Erviella -- and during certain times where he refused to resort to violence unless he has no other choice left.

At one time, Schro admits of how he craves for the wholesomeness of being a "Protector" (referring to the fact that he "failed" to protect both Alice and Erviella, although the fact is their death is not his fault to begin with), even to the point that he declared himself evil because he believes he cannot reach that level. He is someone that tries hard to redeem himself.

Although calm and calculating for most of the time, Schro could also develop an agressive personality when he feels threatened or when someone makes fun of Alice and Erviella way too much.

History Edit

Schrodinger Erviella Edit

"It's just... I'm not really fond of sad stories."

Schrodinger Erviella, generally known and commonly described as Schro, is the other personality of Chester. He is commonly referred as the rational one and the one deciding various things when Chester's simple mind couldn't comprehend with the situation.

Schro megane

Schro in his human form

Schro is the personality that was formed seconds after Erviella Schrodinger's death, an embodiment of Chester's resentment because he was incapable of protecting Erviella just like how he "failed" to protect Alice. And because Chester created him as the embodiment of whatever it is he couldn't achieve with his current self, Schro could be considered as a more capable, rational, stronger, and better version of Chester. Some of his qualities and attitudes are however, a reversed version of Chester.

"I am Chester's remorse."

In general, Schro is very observant and is particularly knowledgeable. Due to his long life and observant nature, he could accumulate various kind of informations and at times proved himself to be able to predict the reactions of the people who he encounters.

While seemingly cold and indifferent from the outside, it is just a simple "shell" that's covering his true nature inside. Despite his outer "exterior", Schro could actually show a kind and caring side -- especially in front of those he cares about, although he find it hard to admit that he actually cares for them for most of the time (making him a male tsundere, somewhat).

Due to his calm demeanor and pacifist nature, he tend to avoid resorting to violence -- only choosing to do it when he has no other option left for him. However, he'd always try to scare and demoralize his "enemies" by saying that they should stop or otherwise he'd get angry.

"Stop that. I'll seriously get angry."


Schro in his cat form (note the different pallete compared to NyaNya)

At other times, it is also revealed that in fact, Schro is awkward around the opposite gender; mainly choosing to remain silent and listening to them instead voicing his own opinion regarding various matters that were brought onto him during the conversation.

Chester once states that unless the situation calls for it, Schro is only a good listener but not good at voicing his own opinion.

"... indeed. I am the one who destroyed the Wonderland."

Schro also claims that he was "the part of Chester" responsible for the destruction of Wonderland. As he claimed, Wonderland was not destroyed because Alice died; as her death only serves to eternally preserve the Wonderland in imaginary state.

The truth is, Chester was the one who destroyed the Wonderland (but he chose to reject the memory, resulting to Schro bearing the memory instead of him), because he see no purpose of Wonderland to exist if Alice is already dead and because of that, he chose to execute every single resident of Wonderland one after another while destroying and corrupting the Wonderland as well along the process.

After The Duchess and Alice Liddel died, he decided to go on a journey to various parts of Wonderland; his mind has been set into destroying it along the way. The most notable of his victims are the Mad Hatter, the Knave of Hearts, the March Hare, and the Queen of Hearts -- whose power he could harness to his advantage in the current era.

At that time, there is nothing but negativity inside of his mind. As someone who has weakened because he lost "everything" -- his creator, Alice Liddel, the one he loves (The Duchess, although he claimed that he's in no place to reciprocate her romantic affection to him) and his home, the Wonderland -- it made him stronger than anyone. By that time, Chester/Schro could hurt people as easily as one breathe. And because of the fact that he discovered the true nature of his power after Alice's death -- which allows him to deny certain aspects of reality about himself, he has no qualms in being destructive.

"... I pray none of you forgive me."
—Schro after beheading the Queen of Hearts

Also during the time where he was the "Destroyer of Wonderland", his need to destroy was as strong as one's need to eat. He was the type that seriously contemplated in killing every living being on the Wonderland, himself included.

"I will bring the world to Alice."

After being reformed by Erviella, Chester grew more rational and started to resent himself because he destroyed his "home" out of selfish reasons -- that Wonderland has no reason to exist anymore after Alice died. However, staying with Erviella was the only thing that allowed him to keep his sanity -- allowing him to live normally as Erviella's pet cat until Erviella's eventual death.

Erviella's eventual death was the main cause for Schro's personality to appear in the surface fully -- resulting to the dual personalities they wield.

Abilities Edit


  • Type : Buff

  • Affects : Self

  • Range : None

  • Status : Discarded

  • Condition for Usage : None

  • Basic Explanation :

    The basic ability of a Cheshire Cat -- described as the power to render oneself unseen to the naked eye.

  • Limitations :

    • Last for ten hours at best.

    • Only works with the maximum of two people (excluding the user).

    • Can be detected through smell and sound for those with highly-attuned senses.

Reality RejectionEdit

  • Type : Reality Warper

  • Affects : Self

  • Range : None

  • Status : Automatic Passive Skill of Cheshire Canvas

  • Conditions for Usage :

    • Death of the user.

    • Sufficient amount of mana for the user's revival.

  • Basic Explanation :

    Allows Schro to turn anything that has happened to him (without any kind of exception) into nothing. As it only works after his death, Reality Rejection will revive him to his prime condition in the place where he died. It works automatically, meaning that it'd revive him no matter he wants it or not.

  • Limitations :

    • Will only work if Schro has the sufficient amount of mana to revive himself.

    • If the sufficient amount of mana cannot be fulfilled during his death, the Cheshire Canvas will wait until enough mana has been granted/generated/produced before reviving him back. In this case, Schro can choose the place where the Cheshire Canvas is going to revive him.

  • Additional Info(s) :

    • Gained by discarding his invisibility, making the former skill cannot be used ever again.

    • This ability mirrors the fact that he is an imaginary being and thus the reality cannot affect him directly. Only through destroying the Cheshire Canvas this skill can forever be nullified and or destroyed.

Mad HatterEdit

  • Type :

    • Anti-Magic

    • Anti-Army

  • Affects :

    • Self

    • Allies

    • Enemies

  • Range : Effective range is 3 meters, maximum range is 5 meters.

  • Status : Active Skill

  • Incantations to Summon : (Either one works)

    • "Why is raven like a writing desk?"

    • "Let the madness swallow you."

  • Conditions of Usage : (All must be fulfilled in order to summon Mad Hatter)

    • Having the sufficient amount of mana to summon Mad Hatter.

    • Chanting one of the incantations verbally. If disrupted halfway, he must repeat it again from the start.

    • Schro must have the overall knowledge of enemy's power and how the power works.

      For an example, if his enemy is Thor (Thunder God from Norse Mythology), Schro must have the overall knowledge regarding the mythology of Thor and how Thor's thunder-based power works. In addition, having the knowledge of Mjollnir (Thor's short-handled hammer) will also aid him in rendering all of Thor's power useless.

  • Powers :

    • Absorbing/nullifying/rejecting any kind of supernatural-based abilities without exception.

    • Affecting the enemy with madness that will cause them to be disoriented, trapped inside illusions, and with long exposure, become affected with insanity themselves.

  • Drawbacks/Weaknesses/Limitations :

    • Can only be controlled by Schro for 15 seconds.

    • Will cause Schro to become extremely weak to physical attack in exchange of having the power to completely absorb/nullify/reject the enemy's supernatural-based power.

    • For the usage for more than 15 seconds, the pressure of Mad Hatter's power will rupture most of Schro's internal organs which resulted to him suffering from internal bleeding. If forced, it could also result to his death.

    • Can be used to absorb/nullify/reject multiple kinds of magic at once so long Schro's well informed with the knowledge of said magic. In exchange, it will cause a greater strain to his body and makes him suffer from intense pain and internal bleeding which definitely will lead to death.

  • Additional Info(s) :

    • The ability originally belongs to Mad Hatter, his best friend.

    • Mad Hatter attacks by releasing a swarm of madness "aura" which will absorb/nullify/reject the enemy's magical power and later infecting them with insanity.

    • Reality Rejection will be activated in the case of his death.

Knave of HeartsEdit

  • Type :

    • Buff

    • Anti-Personnel

  • Affects : Self

  • Range : Melee range

  • Status : Active/Passive Skill

  • Incantations to summon :

    • "If possible, I'd like to rewrite what came before."

    • "For I am gallant and what I display is the sigil of the Fearless Knight."

  • Conditions for usage :

    • In the case of summoning Knave of Hearts and using her power as an active skill, Schro must chant one of the incantations and have the sufficient amount of mana to summon it. If the incantation is disrupted halfway, he must repeat it again from the start.

    • In the case of summoning Knave of Hearts and using her power as a passive skill, Schro must be attacked first by something that possesses "inhuman" properties (like having an animal, an angel, a demon, etc so long it cannot be considered as human being despite having or not having a human form) or having an object with large mass coming at him, like a train boulder.

      In the case of facing someone within human means (a body builder for an example), it will not be counted as activating it as a passive skill. Also when being activated as a passive skill, it does not require Schro the have the sufficient amount of mana to summon the Knave of Hearts.

  • Powers :

    • When being used as an active skill, Knave of Hearts grants him a silver chest-plate that works as an armor for Schro. Schro can also choose to equip the silver chest-plate to the other people, granting them with durable protection while practically making him armorless at the same time.

      In addition, when being used as an active skill, Knave of Hearts also grants Schro with the ability to summon a melee weapon (in his case, it's usually a sword) while granting him with considerable combat skills (which allows him to predict the enemy's movementat and read their pattern of attack) at the same time.

    • When being used as a passive skill, Knave of Hearts grants Schro with immense strength (that he mentioned rivals the strength of Hercules from Greek Mythology). While the ability to equip an armor and a meele weapon are both absent, Schro's physical capabilities are severely increased and it allows him to achieve various superhuman feats at the same time.

  • Drawbacks/Weaknesses/Limitations :

    • When being used as an active skill, it will only last for 3 minutes.

    • Will cause Schro to become extremely weak against supernatural-based attacks in exchange. If lethal amount of supernatural-based attacks is dealt to him, it could result to his death.

  • Additional Info(s) :

    • The ability originally belongs to the strongest (female) knight in Wonderland, the Knave of Hearts.

    • Reality Rejection will be activated in the case of his death.

March HareEdit

  • Type :

    • Buff

    • Recovery

  • Affects :

    • Self

    • Allies

  • Range : Melee range

  • Status : Active Skill

  • Incantations to summon :

    • "Come forth o Rabbit of Fortune, show me the proper path and give me guidance."

    • "Fortune Rabbit, come forth to my aid, show me the way for I am noble!"

  • Conditions for usage :

    • Having the sufficient amount of mana to summon March Hare.

    • Chanting one of the incantations verbally. If disrupted halfway, he must repeat it from the very start.

    • Schro must suffer from a certain degree of injury or March Hare won't appear even if he managed to fulfilled the first two conditions.


      March Hare

  • Powers :

    • Forced regeneration, forcing the cells within the target's body to rapidly regenerate in order to cure the wounds, no matter how severe.

    • Mending those who has been "infected" with madness.

    • Granting the target with increased vitality and stamina, enhanced analysis capability, and also giving them an extra protection from magical attacks.

    • Transferring any kind of injuries or scars from one target (except Schro), to the summoner (Schro himself). It won't work the other way around.

  • Drawbacks/Weaknesses/Limitations :

    • Can only be used at one target at a time.

    • March Hare's abilities can only be used twice a day, meaning that the maximum number of people Schro could mend using March Hare's abilities are two.

    • Upon summoning and using the skills of March Hare, the draining of mana is even more severe compared to using both Mad Hatter and Knave of Hearts simultaneously.

    • Forced regeneration means the more severe the wounds suffered, the smaller the chance and the longer it will take to fully recover as it entirely depends on the target's willpower, vitality, and stamina.

  • Additional Info(s) :

    • The ability originally belongs to the "daughter" of Mad Hatter, better known as March Hare.

    • Reality Rejection cannot be activated while March Hare is present.

Berserk : The Queen of Hearts Edit

  • Type :

    • Anti-Phsyic

    • Anti-Magic

    • Anti-World

  • Affects :

    • Self

    • Allies

    • Enemies

    • World

  • Range : Melee range

  • Status : Active Skill

  • Incantations to summon :


    • "As the Queen commanded, mince his meat, break his bones, and tear his guts!! Punish him for his sins!!"

    • "This is my taunt against the kingdom, for the Red Lady is my foe!!"

    • "As one cannot come near you with ease... shatter everything until there's nothing left! Destroy everything, including the world!!"

    • "The bearer of destruction!! Eliminating foes with one move, reducing the world to nothing!"

  • Conditions for usage :

    • The summoner must be in the verge of death for the Queen of Hearts to be summoned.

    • The Canvas (Cheshire Canvas), which serves as the withering life force of the Queen of Hearts, must already be scarred.

    • Must successfully finish one of the enchantments to call forth the Queen of Hearts.

    • Upon being summoned, the Queen of Hearts will target the nearest living being, no matter friend or foe, and kill it as an "offering".

  • Basic Explanation :

    The Queen of Hearts was the last and the ultimate power that Schro received after the destruction of Wonderland, gained by him consuming Una Nancy Owen through the force of madness.

    Schro considers the Queen of Hearts as the most dangerous and the most unstable ability inside of his arsenal. While having a far more dangerous and destructive power compared to Mad Hatter and the Knave of Hearts combined together, Schro noted that his ability to exist will cease and he will be reduced to nothing -- leaving not even a trace or memory behind.

  • Powers :

    • Irreversible destruction; the damages caused by the Queen of Hearts cannot be repaired or recovered. Not even the summoner is immune to this power. Reality Rejection will also be rendered useless.

    • Wounds that will not heal; the wounds caused by the Queen of Hearts will only heal naturally. Any kind of medicine, potions, elixirs, or magic -- in short, any external source of recovery -- will be rendered useless if used to heal the said wounds.

    • While extremely lacking in speed, the Queen of Hearts is extremely resilient. She's also granted with immense strength, high combat-abilities, and capable of self-recovery.

  • Drawbacks/Weaknesses/Limitations :

    • If the summoner attempts to call forth the Queen of Hearts without giving it any offering, the Queen of Hearts will become uncontrollable and fight against the summoner.

    • The summoning of the Queen of Hearts consumes the entirety of Cheshire Canvas, making it an entirely unstoppable destructive force with a timed life span.

    • As the Queen of Hearts consumes the Cheshire Canvas bit by bit as long as she's present, it will either cause the Cheshire Canvas to be permanently damaged (if one manages to stop her rampage) or cause the Cheshire Cat's existence to cease (in the case of the Queen of Hearts managed to consume the Cheshire Canvas until nothing is left).

  • Additional Info(s) :

    • The ability originally belongs to the little sister of Mad Hatter, better known as the Queen of Hearts. Her real name is Una Nancy Owen.

    • Mad Hatter, Knave of Hearts, and March Hare cannot be summoned while the Queen of Hearts is present. This is foreshadowing her status as the governor of the Wonderland in the past.

    • Reality Rejection cannot reject the destruction that was caused by the Queen of Hearts.

Canvas-rangeR Edit

War of Vanguard F Edit


NyaNya as Synchro-GAZER

During the War of Vanguard F, NyaNya (along with the rest of the 27th Villain Division) was sent to encounter the 27th Division of the Hero side and the battle occured in Flavor Bliss Alam Sutra, Serpong -- mainly in the Wendy's Restaurant to put it in detail.

In this War, he was set to encounter Ravenia, resulting to him to assume his Synchro-GAZER form in order to fight her more properly. Even so, in reality NyaNya has little to no desire to fight and only put up a fight because he's a member of the Vanguard F.

Schro in the other place, was worried that even though they already assumed their Synchro-GAZER, Chester wouldn't be strong enough to bear all of the power flowing inside of them and that's mainly why he decided to take control in the middle control of the War and took a full control of Synchro-GAZER.

Although the Villain side put up quite a fight (and so does the Hero side), their hope was cut short upon the appearance of Mazo, the Leader of the Hero Faction. And during the fight, Synchro-GAZER was destroyed by both Mazo and the rest of the 27th Division of the Hero side, leaving NyaNya practically in the mercy of the enemy.

By the end of the War of Vanguard F, he was spared but severely weakened. It made him realize his helplessness without the appearance of his actual hosts (Alice Lidell and Erviella Schrodinger) and eventually made him realize that he was chasing after two people who are already dead.

This fact left him in despair and as he realizes that his "Reason for Existence" is already gone, his will to exist starts diminishing as well.

Death Edit

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"It's fine. Since no one would be able to remember us once we're dead, no one's going to be sad. We don't exist. We never actually exist from the very start."

After the war of Pioneer F, NyaNya finally found himself to be able to accept the fact that Alice is already dead -- and because of that, he came to a conclusion that because Alice is no longer alive, then there's no reason for him to be alive as well, mainly because he couldn't be together with Alice.

Schro warned him that if he accept that fact, then they'd cease to exist, but NyaNya claimed that it's fine. It's fine because if they vanish, surely they'd be able to see Alice again.

"Are you fine with leaving it just like this?"
—Schro to NyaNya

The night after the war of Pioneer F, NyaNya's personality collapsed completely; leaving only Schro to control what's left of their body. Although the personality has collapsed, there's still a small bit of consciousness left and Schro realizes that.

In desperation, the next night (a day after the war of Pioneer F) Schro decided to bring what's left of NyaNya's consciousness to Rina -- in hope that her personality and attitude would be able to bring what's left of NyaNya's consciousness back to normal.

This seemed to work only for a moment, however later, it only proved to actually end in vain. Instead of being able to think that they should stay alive, NyaNya decided to bid farewell to Rina as well and in the very end, Schro is finally able to accept NyaNya's decision.

"… I want to enjoy her warmth just a little bit more."

It is hinted of how much NyaNya didn't want to leave Rina's side -- repeatedly saying that it's sad of how they couldn't bring themselves to tell Rina that they're going to vanish because they know that it would make her sad.

After telling Rina (who's already asleep at that time) how much the two loved her and even though they vanished their feelings and their love towards her would never change, NyaNya decided to give in. And that very night, NyaNya's personality collapsed completely, leaving only Schro behind.

"………… lo…ve… y……ou… Rina……nee…chan………"
—NyaNya's last words

The next day, Schro decided to visit Xaviera's shop in his human form, claiming that they're already able to pay the price of their wish to see Alice again -- but she must first accompany them biding farewell to Vaein. Although in front of Xaviera Schro claims that he's going to bid farewell, the truth is he actually assault Vaein the moment they see each other -- resulting to a small fight to occur between the two of them.

The reason of why Schro decided to attack Vaein instead of actually biding farewell is because Schro wanted to distract her thought from searching for NyaNya (who's by this point already vanished) and wanted her to hate him (who was incapable of protecting NyaNya to the very end).

"It's fine if she hates me. If she hates me, then she wouldn't have any sad feeling if we vanish."

During their fight, Schro tried his best to invoke hatred from Vaein, attacking her and trying to hurt her the best he could (physically and mentally) just so she'd end up hating him very much that she didn't even want him to exist anymore.

At the last moments, where Schro notices that he no longer has time left and Vaein already realize who he actually is, Schro decided to stop attacking Vaein and apologized to her with an apologetic smile.

He apologized to her and claimed that he never meant the words he said to her during their fight and vanished before being able to tell how they (NyaNya and him) loved her so much that they didn't want to leave her side.

"It's a shame that our time already ran out. Not only Chester, but I too wanted to stay. If they wanted us to stay too, probably.... we would be able to make it back."
—Schro's thought before vanishing, referring to Vaein's and Rina's ability to possibly bring them back

Whether Vaein and Rina are willing to bring him back after his death, it has yet to be confirmed.

Salvage Edit

Trivia Edit

  • NyaNya's and Schro's zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Before gaining a proper name, Alice and The Duchess addressed him as "Cheshire Puss".

  • His real name (as given by Erviella) is Chester. "NyaNya" is a nickname given by Erviella to him.
  • Their names are actually two names combined into one. The first one is "Schrodinger Erviella" (the reverse of Erviella's name) and "Chester" with "NyaNya" added in the end; hence Schrodinger Erviella Chester NyaNya.

  • The names of Schro's and NyaNya's genderswap is Erviella Eirensha Mystarinoa and Celine Arverianna, respectively.

  • Schro suffers from a severe case of inferiority complex, which often results to his seemingly pessimistic point of view and actions.

  • Schro's sometimes pessimistic mindset is also a result from his inferiority complex.

  • Schro admits that the fact is both NyaNya and him as no need to eat and to sleep -- as they're an imaginary being who has no need of it so long they're steadily provided with mana. He also admitted that they're commonly doing those (both eating and sleeping) only for the luxury of it.

  • After the "revival", Schro noted that the appearance of the Cheshire Canvas has been changed as well -- indirectly referring to the "hosts" has been changed; from Alice Liddel to Vaein.

Cr re canvas cheshire by aitoyuuki-d5mbjs4

Cheshire Canvas

  • Due the fact that they share quite a long history, Schro shares a brother-and-sister-like relationship with Trixy. Trixy could often be seen refering to Schro with "Onii-chan" just as well. This later extends to Umbra (and Umbra also addresses him as "Schro-nii"), whom he dotes as a little sister just like Trixy.

  • Schro often refers to Frau as "Bambina", an Italian for "little miss" -- a kind of teasing because Frau is a Comare, which he believes to always be spoiled to no end by her Mafia Family.

  • While NyaNya has a strange love for cheese, his other personality (Schro) in fact is not really fond of cheese.

  • Schro refers to Sieben as "Moebius", the same like Sieben refers to him as "Cheshire". This is due the fact that they're aware of each other's nature -- that they are the representation of each other's respective canvases.

  • During their first meeting, both Schro and Sieben stared with sharing a mutual animosity against each other. Strangely, NyaNya and Sieben are actually capable of getting along quite well.

    • This was changed however, after their fight in the Abyss. Lately, they could be seen getting along quite well although they could be seen arguing or even fighting just as well from time to time.

  • NyaNya's changing personalities are a reference to a part in Lewis Caroll's "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland" -- the part where the Caterpillar asked who Alice was and she couldn't reply as she had changed so many times during the day.

  • Schro's general status is as follows :

    • Strength : 5/10

    • Agility : 8/10

    • Vitality : 2/10

    • Intelligence : 10/10

    • Charisma : 3/10

    • Willpower : 1/10

    • Inferiority Complex : 9/10

    • Pessimistic Mindset : 10/10

    • Observant Nature : 8/10

  • As the result of the War of Pioneer F, NyaNya's left eye suffers from blindness and a scar could also be spotted above the said eye. NyaNya also could only manifest himself for two hours a day -- pushing Schro to be the dominant personality in exchange just as well.

    Cr collar reference by aitoyuuki-d669qal

    Schro's collar along with the electrode

  • As of now, Schro is working as a butler in a butler-themed cafe known as "John Doe's Entree". He could commonly be seen working with Juni, Crimson, and sometimes Sieben.

  • After the last fight with Sieben, Schro lost his ability to calculate his mana usage. Because of this, he relied heavily on Arc and Nate to help him -- which resulting to the later made an collar-style electrode to replace his lost mana calculation ability.

    • The device has mainly two functions, "Normal Mode" and "Battle Mode". The first one is mainly used during daily routines and activities, while the later as the name suggested is mainly used when the need to fight emerges.

    • At first, the battery of the device only last for roughly 2-3 days on "Normal Mode" while lasting only around 15 minutes during "Battle Mode".

    • After further maintenance by Nate, the battery lasts longer. Roughly a week on "Normal Mode" while lasting at best for one hour during "Battle Mode".

Known Quotes Edit

  • "Reject your reality." (Schro)

  • "That's okay, because I love Vaein-sama and Rina Onee-chan more than anything!" (NyaNya)

  • "... but NyaNya is hungry..." (NyaNya)

  • "Stop that, I'll seriously get angry." (Schro)

  • "It's just... I'm not really fond of sad stories." (Schro)

  • "... I pray that none of you forgive me." (Schro)

  • "Is it alright for me to be such a selfish cat, Alice?" (Schro)

  • "...... NyaNya misses you, Alice.... Erviella..." (NyaNya)

  • "...... stop saying love just because it's convenient." (Schro)

  • "Why is the raven like a writing desk?" (The main Incantation to summon the Mad Hatter)

  • "For I am gallant and what I display is the sigil of the Fearless Knight." (The main Incantation to summon the Knave of Hearts)

  • "Come forth... o Rabbit of Fortune. Show me the proper path and give me guidance." (The main Incantation to summon the March Hare)

  • "This is my taunt against the Kingdom, for the Red Lady is my foe!!" (The main Incanctation to activate the power of his Berserk Form, the Queen of Hearts)

  • "In front of the power to defy Reality, no matter how strong, no matter how persistent, all of your efforts will be reduced into nothing." (Berserk!Schro)

  • "My bad. I lied." (Berserk!Schro)

  • "Did you think you were special? Everyone had to give up something. Everybody makes sacrifices. If you keep on nagging on how you should be pitied or something along those lines, then allow me to play the world's tiniest violin to accompany you." (Berserk!Schro)

  • "What made YOU think that some kind of power like yours would be able to make ME yield?" (Berserk!Schro's taunt)

  • "Off with YOUR head?" (Berserk!Schro's taunt)

  • "... I'm an imagination. My destruction is now nothing." (Berserk!Schro's taunt after using the power of Reality Rejection)

  • "Come and join the madness." (Berserk!Schro's taunt)

  • "You. Are. GARBAGE." (Berserk!Schro)

  • "Come on, I haven't even gotten serious. Is that seriously all you got? Keep on struggling and make it even more fun to me as I watch you helplessly try to crush me down." (Berserk!Schro's taunt)

  • "What? You need a break?" (Berserk!Schro's taunt)

  • "Don't screw with me." (Berserk!Schro)

  • "Full of fail. What a waste of my time." (Berserk!Schro)

Tropes Edit

  • Achilles Heel : Disrupting or even destroying the device made by Nate (which is placed upon his collar), will cause him to lost most control over his power and practically making him defenseless along the way.

    • Mad Hatter won't work unless he has a general knowledge over the magic that his enemy is using (not to mention that just summoning it is enough to cripple him along the way).

    • Knave of Hearts won't be activated unless he's attacked first and also the attack(s) needs to have inhuman properties upon them. A "humanly" attack will never, ever activate the power.

    • March Hare's power is actually a kind of forced regeneration. The worse your condition when she uses her power on you, the smaller the chance for you to recover.

  • Anti Magic : One of his summonings, the Mad Hatter is literally the bane to all supernatural things and magics, capable of absorbing, rejecting, and destroying it with relative ease.

  • Anti-Villain : Type II - Woobie Anti-Villain.

  • Back from the Dead : After Sieben killed him in the Abyss, he used his Reality Rejection willingly to come back to life.

  • Badass Boast : "Stop it. Or I will seriously get angry." -- He usually done this to scare or demoralize his enemies. It might very well sounds like he's trying to boast, but trust me, you really don't want to get on his bad side.

  • Berserk Button : Vaein, Rina, Umbra, and, Trixy. Don't ask about which side he'd pick in the occurence of war, though. He knows the difference of what he wants to do and what he has to do.

  • Beware the Nice Ones : He is actually pretty nice guy while ignoring the fact that he considers himself as a big-ass loser at the same time. In fact, Schro is far more capable than what he lets on. Anyone stupid enough to give him a reason to fight back will soon learn that he's really, really, actually not as weak as he claimed to be.

  • Big Brother Instinct : Most commonly seen when he's interacting with Trixy and Umbra as he claimed for one reason or another, he has a soft spot on them. Just try to hurt or threaten those two in front of him and start counting how long it takes for him to wipe the floor with you.

    • Although they're unrelated by blood, Trixy also address him as "Nii-san" and sometimes "Onii-chan" while Umbra commonly addresses him as "Schro-nii".

  • Blue Oni : To Sieben.

  • Born Loser

  • Broken Ace : Schro.

  • Can't Ever Win : He really, really can't. He is like the antropomorphic representation of Murphy's Law.

    • It is not he can't kick unbelievable amounts of ass. He can. A single fully serious attack from him would certainly be able to kill anyone without any actual visible effort. He rarely does this because he claims that he's a pacifist.

    • To put it in short, he just can't succeed. Whenever success will make him feel fulfillment or triumph, and even if he apparently can he'll back away and admit failure thanks to his inferiority complex.

    • The fact is, Schro is incapable of claiming victory. He can pull of incredible stunts, run rings around everyone else, and even achieve his objective but he will never, ever actually say or feel like he's won. So he never does.

  • Cast From Hit Points : How Schro summons either the Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts.

  • Catch Phrase : "Stop that. I will seriously get angry."

  • Cessation of Existence : It's the case when you die, and you cease to exist. No afterlife. No feeling, no thought, no perception, no existence. Your existence — everything you were — simply disappears; you know nothing, you feel nothing, and you are nothing.

  • Chaotic Neutral : NyaNya is Chaotic Neutral Type-I.

  • Cheshire Cat Grin : ... you know what NyaNya is, right?
  • Cloudcuckoolander's Minder : One of two people who truly understand Sieben as they in fact are the counterpoint of each other.
  • Combat Sadomasochistic : Schro. He is actually quite a proficient analyist and more than capable to avoid at least 95% of all the beatings so far. He usually allows people to pound him because he tend to believe that he has no chance to win against them.

  • Cowardly Lion : Schro in general.
  • Cursed with Awesome : Apparently, "cursed" with the ability to summon four different beings capable of destroying the world one after another, and not to mention having Reality Rejection in his arsenal, is not THAT awesome for him.

  • Dark and Troubled Past : The reason of why he resent himself up until this point.

  • Deliberate Injury Gambit : Many of his battles rely on this thanks to being able to instantly recover from any harm due to Reality Rejection. The most common example are his fights with Sieben.
  • Determinator : Schro in general, although it's prone to clash with his pessimistic mindset. Especially if one or more people included in his Berserk Button watching.
  • Discard and Draw : He discarded his original ability, "Invisibility", in order to receive "Reality Rejection".
  • Even Evil Has Standards : Schro is generally against involving bystanders and innocent people as just as he's THAT opposed to the idea of killing.

  • Every Scar Has A Story : The scar upon the base of his throat tells the story of how Sieben killed him during their fight in the Abyss shortly after the end of the War of Pioneer F.

  • Failure Knight : Schro.

  • Heroic Self-Deprecation : Only, you know, villainous. He earnestly believes that he is weak, hateful, and stupid but Vaein at one occassion points out that he actually has a great deal of talent, loyalty and bravery to back that up.

  • I Did What I Had to Do : Sometimes. Mainly because he knows that things can't always go as he wished no matter how strong and how persistent he wished for it. Not to mention that he's also a Cowardly Lion.

  • I Reject Your Reality : How Schro's "Reality Rejection" works.
  • Immortality : His Reality Rejection allows him to negate any kind of injury inflicted to him (and him only) without exception and even if killed, Reality Rejection would revive himself automatically whether he wants it to happen or not.

  • Implacable Man : No attack can truly harm him. No longer true if the attack is directed at his Cheshire Canvas.
  • Invisibility : Discarded by Schro in order to get Reality Rejection.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex : Schro is an inverted one in this case. He has no sense of self-worth, and thinks that his life is meaningless and he's extremely weak to the point that he couldn't win against anyone, while actually being far more capable and strong-willed than he believes.

  • The Needless : NyaNya and Schro doesn't need the basic needs of a living being to survive. He doesn't need to eat or sleep to survive (so long he's supplied with mana) but he could be lonely at times despite never actually straightforward showing it.

  • Neutral Evil : Schro is Neutral Evil Type-I.

  • Not So Different : With Sieben.

  • Power Incontinence : Schro has little to no power to Mad Hatter (which he can only control for 15 seconds) and the Queen of Hearts (which he can't control at all).

  • Power Gives You Wings : He grows a pair of skeletal wings when summoning Queen of Hearts.

  • Rage Breaking Point : At the start it's only a warning, but if you keep trying to piss him off, it'd turn into this before eventually leading to a simple, one sided slaughter.

  • Reality Warper : Schro's "Reality Rejection" allows him to reject anything without exception. The only limitation seems to be the fact that it's limited to himself only; rejecting the reality that has happened to him at will.

  • Reluctant Psycho : Schro, with the power of the Mad Hatter increasing more and even more and as he learns that he has little to no control over it.

  • Scars Are Forever : The big one upon the base of his throat that was caused by Sieben piercing through it with bare hand? It stays despite the rest of the scars being rejected by Reality Rejection.

    • When he goes back to his original form, all of the scars he received during the times of his life will resurface. His left eye will also turn blind, meaning that he only reverted back to his current form to avoid appearing with his original form.

  • Thou Shalt Not Kill : Schro does recognize that violence is sometimes necessary, but killing cannot be reasoned with. He's one of those people who believes that "life is precious". For most people, once their lives ends, that means that's it. That's about it. That's as far as their experience goes -- and Schro is well aware of that.

    • He will try to avoid lethal violence, but if the situation becomes a sort of emergency and really calls for it (meaning that he doesn't have any other choice), he will definitely, without a doubt, go for the kill.

    • He knows that he definitely won't like it -- killing, that is -- but the choice is not for him to make. In the case he really ended up killing someone, while suffering from emotional backlash caused by the kill, he will honestly say: "I killed him/her/them".

  • Troubled Backstory Flashback : Sieben saw this as he entered Schro's Abyss prior to their fight and he tried to snap Schro out of it. He failed, got pissed enough because of Schro's pessimistic attitude and ended up killing Schro in the process. Schro came back to life shortly after, though.

  • Villainous BSOD

  • Woobie, Destroyer of the World : Subverted.

  • Willfully Weak

  • Would Hit A Girl : While Schro does express some reluctance at "seriously kicking a girl", he nevertheless will fight them if it's a serious situation.

References Edit

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