Nero in Henshin mode
Personal Info
Real name Nero Esse
Race {{{race}}}
Gender Male
Date of birth 5 September
Place of birth Fantasia
Age 14
Laterality {{{laterality}}}
Height/weight 161 cm, 47 kg
Canvas Starry Night
Faction Villain
Division 10th Division
Ability Info
Weapon type Wand
Weapon name Star wand
Fighting style Long range
Pet {{{pet}}}
Special ability Moe Moe kyun
Berserk mode Moe Moe Beam, Tsunami

Nero is one of the Villain in Canvas Ranger. He is in the 10th division. He is mainly working as a host.

Appearace and Personality Edit

Nero usually wears girl's clothes. He has gray whitish hair and black eyes. His hair was his shoulder long, makes him more like a girl. Nero is really shy and will faint of he blushed too much. Nobody never see Nero angry.. yet. He is the type of people who couldn't say no. He is also a bit crybaby.

History Edit

Nero come from another planet at another dimension called Fantasia to the Earth to search for his first love, Rovina Triste, who ran away when they took a trip to Earth. Nero then took a job as a host and other side jobs. He then bought his own house. Nero then asked Rovina to marry himNero was shocked after he knew that Rovina already has a boyfriend. Nero was shocked again after Rovina told Nero that she is not a lesbian. Leaving Nero, really sad, and realized that Rovina thought him as a girl. Later, Rovina alaways protect him, like a big sister figure to Nero.

Rovina and Nero

Pet Edit

Nero's pet is a half fox half fish that could turn into a human. Nero's pet, Marin, is really loyal to his master, Nero. She always protect him (overprotective, actually) and work as a maid in his house (cooking, washing the clothes, etc) Nero found her stranded in the beach in Fantasia, after she try to escape from her house of course Nero didn't know this. Because of this, she served Nero. She always speak in a calm tone and very polite. She is very scary when she is angry, though. For her, Nero's safety is her number one priority.

Nero and Marin

Henshin mode and Weapon Edit

Nero's henshin mode is a maid uniform. Nero only has a weapon, his wand.

Nero is the war

Relations Edit

Nero, Pharos, Cifer, Kehl, and Adriane is the members of Villain 10th division Fied is one of Nero's magic teacher Riffu menjadi lawan Nero dalam perang pelopor B.

Trivia Edit

1. Nero means black in Italian. 2. Nero love peace, even though he join Villain side (Because Rovina join Villain) 3. Marin means the ocean in Italian. 4. Nero doesn't like crossdressing or cosplay, even though he always do that

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