Kate May was a villain in Canvas Ranger. She was in 5th Division. She has a power to create and manipulate steel which is very useful in her job and in a war.

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Personality and AppearanceEdit

She is some kind of a energic teenager. Sometimes, she is act like a whore but that's what she do if her boredness came. She loves to tease everyone (yes, boys and girls). She was a biseksual. She has about 3 girlfriend, 2 Boys who-Kate-love-to-tease-them-so-much, and 2 Girls who-Kate-loves-them.

She has a red hair and usually wear a highschool Uniform with a blue short skirt. Sometimes, she like to follow the fashion trend.


She has a power to create and manipulate steel (Fe). That's all. Simple, but very useful


-Schnapper Mills : Her first girlfriend who leave her. She is the reason why Kate joins the Villain Side

-Vex : Just her ordinary girlfriend.

-Rappie : First, she is her friend in a model corps. Now, she is one of Kate's girlfriend

-Nikora : Her friend in a bar. And they usually practice together.