Hero Duelist Rangers
Concept 4
Trio Duelist in Hero Side
Personal Info
Real name -
Race Human
Gender -
Date of birth -
Place of birth -
Age -
Laterality -
Height/weight -
Canvas -
Faction Hero
Division All division (ess 20th Division)
Ability Info
Weapon type Duel Disk
Weapon name -
Fighting style Dueling Spirit
Pet all Duel Monsters' monsters
Special ability Duel Monsters
Berserk mode Egypt Trinity Summoning

"Ore no turn! Draw!"

- Hero Duelist Rangers -


Hero Duelist Rangers is a team with three Duelist Ranger in Hero Side. The member is:

- Ryuzaki Mutou from 20th Division

- Yugi from 20th Division

- Ibrahim Al-Fajr from Re-Generation

Their mission is destroy the artblocks with Duel Monsters' power.