July 10, 2010

! Jangan lupa, foto profil OC kamu! Resolusi minimal 1000 piksel, BG kosong, segera ya? XD

July 9, 2010

! It's time for CHAT!!! Add shoutbox widgets to your page! click here to see the widget list, and click (+) on the 'Shoutbox' icon!

July 7, 2010

Wiki is a pool of facts! so please avoid using question marks (?) and another question-esque thing in your article^^.
! Please read this article if your OC are twins!^^

Older headlines:

CR Wiki has reached 35+ articles! keep it up, yo!
Before you start writing, please read this guideline on writing articles.
Link to another thing by using brackets!
Add Infobox to your OC please! read this guide on how to making userboxes.
Expand the short pages please^^.