This is a supporting character. This character is not related to Canvas-Ranger.

Hōjō Chika is born under Hōjō family with Hōjō Takeda as her father and Hōjō Tomiko as her mother(Ikeda Tomiko is her maiden name). She was trained to become onmyouji in early ages, not only just that,she taught family tradition and mannerism. Because of her father strict rules, she became a fine lady and ready to become a wife in the future. But, despite her personality, she is just like ordinary girl, sometimes she run away from her training and go to orphanage near her house. In that place, she met Motonari Ise (lately will change into Hōjō Shinkurō and then Souten Douji), a boy that always left behind by his friends in the orphanage. Curios about this boy, Chika asking other boys why they do that. They said, Ise have an ability to see ghosts and that's why they afraid of him, they think if they go near him, it will bring bad luck.

After hearing that, Chika trying to prove everyone if that is just something ridiculous. So Chika starting to get close with Ise and always play with him. And when Chika told this to her father, Hōjō Takeda immediately adopt Ise because interested with this unusual ability. Ise become Chika's little brother and the name changed into Hōjō Shinkurō.