Flavia Almair
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Flavia as she appears in Canvas Ranger
Personal Info
Real name Flavia Genevieve Almair
Race Angel
Gender Female
Date of birth May 20 (self declaration)
Place of birth Unknown
Age unknown, appears as middle 30s
Laterality Right handed
Height/weight 180cm / 62kg
Canvas Golden Ring
Faction Hero
Division Hero 19
Ability Info
Weapon type Whip / ring
Weapon name Angel tail
Fighting style magical
Pet -
Special ability Sorcery
Berserk mode unknown

"An angel doesn't always look good or nice. A demon doesn't always look bad or ugly. So be careful."

-- Flavia

Flavia Genevieve Almair was actually a celestial being that sent from heaven as the choosen one to fight a dark force called "art block". There's a legend said that angels were sent from heaven to help humans to gain peace and stop the war, and she was one of them. As the wars is now ended, her mission now is to help humans to gain more inspiration, and fight againts art block. She formed herself as a middle aged female human for centuries, watching over the earth.


Flavia appears as a middle aged woman, around mid thirties or maybe fourty. She wears red military jacket with yellow frills on both shoulder, a simble black dress, white collar, black pumps and a pipe. She has gold colored hair, blue eyes, red lips, and tall body as a model figure. Though appearance sometimes deceiving you. Her age is actually around hundred years old. 

History Edit

Once upon a time, the heavenly forces are worried upon the world's condition, when humans are invading each other, seeking for glory by war. As the people suffer, they prayed to the God to send heavenly forces to help them finding the real peace. The heavenly beings heard their prayers, then the upper world send some forces to help, granting their wish. Angels don't attack people, they encourage the heroes to decide what's right for them, for the justice.

Flavia was one among them. She disguised herself as a human, watching over them. For centuries, she goes around the world, writing reports to the heaven upon what she saw and what was really going on earth.

Although she is disgusted of human's behavior for centuries, she keeps doing her job. Until someday, the celestial forces called her and give her a new mission. The world has a new thread called "art blocks", a force that attacking human's inspirations and led them into darkness. (?) A new war begin, between the Heroes and the Villains. The celestial force sent her to be one of the Heroes to fight art block and win the war againts the villain.