Fied White 3 right arm by DarkphoenixZX
Fied White
Personal Info
Real name Fied White
Race {{{race}}}
Gender Male
Date of birth January 17
Place of birth An ancient town
Age 23
Laterality {{{laterality}}}
Height/weight 180cm / 70kg
Canvas Mummy canvas
Faction Hero
Division 2nd Division
Ability Info
Weapon type Claws and Bazooka
Weapon name -
Fighting style -
Pet -
Special ability -
Berserk mode -

Fied White, the member of 2nd division of hero. Always appear with full-bandage-body and wearing purple headband. He has a claw arm in his right hand and in his left foot. the person who have Frios word in whole body.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Always wearing a purple headband, Black cloak and full bandage whole his body. His hair and eyes color is red like a blood. In his place, in division, he wearing a simple shirt and jeans from Gaoh who design it for him.

Fied is really nice person who never take revenge to someone. He likes everyone even from both side - hero and villain - Really respect Mazo Xeysbulc as his leader and Rokoz, his first friend.


People in his village said Fied as the cursed one because Frios letter covered his whole body (according to what they believe, who had a Frios letter was in curse). He didn't get any good moment of his childhood. His parents neglected him also villagers. One night, he was burnt by his parents in little 'accident'. Fortunately, he was saved even he must dying for one year.

At age of eleven, a moth attacked his place and ate his right hand and left hand. He was saved by Noe, the highest 'moth' level, his adopted sister which her appearance like human. After one year later, Noe was killed by Neo, her twin brother, leaving Fied alone in pain.

Feel frustrated, he was looking for someone who can trust him and accept him as himself - not as the cursed one. He travelled around the world until he heard about recruitment to Canvas Ranger. He met with Rokoz from hero side and Kurata from Villain side.

While in Canvas Ranger, his regenerationperiod was suffered a battle with the 'Moth' who killed his adopted sister. His power becomes increasingly unrestrained against people - those who call themselves rulers. But not until the total with the help of friends.

At Canvas Ranger Edit

As the oldest from 2Vision, he feel responsible to protect the members no matter what. Usually can be found under the biggest tree at park or forest when he went out. Likes reading and stay at the forest for long time for increasing his magic power, Earth element.

At WAREdit

His first WAR at canvas Ranger was took place at Monas. Together, with 2Vision, Rina and Algeo, they fought against Villain, which result was lost. Fied fought with Neo and badly injured.


  • Fied name was taken from mummified
  • Moth is an insect which is similar to butterfly