Devina in henshin mode
Personal Info
Real name Devina
Race {{{race}}}
Gender Female
Date of birth March 14
Place of birth Jakarta
Age 15
Laterality {{{laterality}}}
Height/weight -
Canvas Puzzle Canvas
Faction Hero
Division Support Division
Ability Info
Weapon type Puzzle Time Bomb
Weapon name -
Fighting style -
Pet Aurum
Special ability Force Concentration, Jigsaw
Berserk mode -

Devina is a Hero in Canvas Ranger. She's in Support Division, her works are usually creating devices/weapons. Many aren't known about her.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Devina doesn't smile much, she's very calm and quiet, and good-tempered. She's actually quite wise and kind, but it's not shown well on her face and attitude(different from tsundere personality). She loves to use sarcasm when joking on rare occasions and to few people, and likes to sometimes tease people(that she's close friends with) in secret.

Well, actually (like usual people are) her personality is pretty weird and unstable.

She's very smart and loves experimenting things. Almost everything(though she knows the limits). She sometimes gets crazy if challenged on brain battle or experimenting. When she gets assignments/works, she likes to procrastinate and does the work shortly before the deadline. Fortunately she works fast.

Like other Canvas Ranger members, she loves art. She specializes in drawing conceptual/complicated arts and often draws to help her study about many things, but she likes all kinds of art.

She has light skin and black hair(usually braided pigtails). She has blue, slanted eyes(she's multiracial).

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Devina's primary weapon(she often experiments and make another weapons) are puzzle time bombs. The enemies have to find the bomb and solve the puzzle on the bomb before the time ends and the bomb explodes.

Devina's special abilities are in form of 2 different gloves with each of the abilities.

  • Force Concentration: Devina floods a lot of infos, thoughts, etc. to enemy's mind until the enemy almost can't think at all. The infos can be controlled by Devina, but it's very exhausting.
  • Jigsaw: Devina hits the enemy's weapon/things alike and destroys it into puzzle pieces, scattered everywhere. It does have limit.

Devina's weapons and "special abilities" are all made by herself.



Activities in Daily LifeEdit

In her ordinary life, Devina is an ordinary high school student. She also has part time jobs such as being some kind of a treasurer at Nakamiya's restaurant and being a tutor for Zovan.

She has a secret, special room for experimenting at her home.

She has a pet, an ordinary male golden retriever named Aurum. Because of Devina's experiments, Aurum's speed and hearing ability are better than other dogs.


  • Her name is derived from french of riddle, devinette.
  • Her ability, Force Concentration, has its name from here.
  • Her pet Aurum has its name from the latin for "gold".
  • Andes "Orilly" Gamari have a crush on her