Darkside Canvas
Darkside Canvas
Canvas Born From Rage


Abstract Canvas


Kensuke Matsumoto






Draw darkness aspect from object or idea

Darkside canvas is canvas born from Kensuke Matsumoto's hatred and despair after lose his little sister. The nature of this canvas at beginning is just manipulate the user's life, but after Chernobog interested with the Ken's emotion and despair, Chernobog possess his canvas and Ken's canvas become Darkside canvas who manipulates and draw darkness from life and aspect of idea then change it to the energy.

This canvas main ability is to gain power through negative emotion of the user, the stronger the negative emotion, the stronger energy converted from that emotion and boost the power of the user. But it's all just a Chernobog intention making Ken realize his canvas can boost a more power when he was furious which making chernobog collect more energy that he use to gain human form later and ascend once again as Idea Of Evil, CHERNOBOG.