Art Block (written as Artblock in Canvas Ranger) is a term used in Canvas Ranger. It is a deadly plague; represents the deepest state of nothingness: a state where it can engulf the victim's mind, rendering them unable to do anything. Artblock itself is a natural phenomenon, and usually happens in every artist. Seeing the potential of the plague, the Villains used it as a weapon to fend off Heroes,

How the artblock spread depends on the victim's state. A full-minded person who always has the desire to draw his/her limitless imagination will not easily affected by artblock.


Artblock is a term used in art communities to describe whenever an artist lost his/her desire to draw, because the lack of inspiration or imagination. It's widely used in Canvas-Ranger deviantART community. When an artist suddenly lost his/her desire to draw, he/she may upload a journal titled "I got an Artblock".