Activation is a process where rangers enter their more powerful form. In this form, they gained boost in their overall power, and gained new abilities that are normally cannot be done in their normal mode. In war events, rangers must activate their power if they want to participate in it.

Activating Edit

Every ranger have various method to enter their Activation mode; some rangers transformed into their more powerful form [citation needed], some equipped their armor and/or gained access to their more powerful weaponry [citation needed], and some gained a new power that they cannot use in their normal mode [citation needed], and some rangers also combined these forms [citation needed]. For rangers who gained their power from their canvas, they usually use their canvas to enter Activation mode, and using Canvas Activation call. Otherwise, they simply transform with their own power.

Behind the Scene Edit

The concept of Activation mode was originally taken from Japanese Tokusatsu series. "Henshin" (変身, henshin) is the Japanese word for "transformation," literally meaning, "to change or transform the body." This word is primarily used in manga, anime, and tokusatsu dramas for when a character transforms into a superhero. Henshin heroes (変身ヒーロー, Henshin Hīrō) usually have a "henshin call", a catchphrase which they recite when they transform. The word "henshin" is most often used by characters in the Kamen Rider Series, whereas other programs use various words such as souchaku (装着, sōchaku, meaning "equip"), or will use phrases unique to the story.