Sixth division is the part of Team B Divisions that divided into two sides, Hero and Villain.


Hero 6th Division members

1. Emily

2. Aotori Louphiera

3. Ren

4. Ciel Indivar

5. Rappie Regina Angelium

Villain 6th Divisions members

1. Igame C.

2. Yukina Shirakawa

3. Osore Minazuki & Oboro Minazuki

4. Neuphelia Suren Avci

5. Atsuka


6th Division's war, placed at South Africa at 2010 FIFA World Cup(mostly at Soccer City's stadium in Johannesburg) was won by the hero (560 pts to 310 pts). Both sides get support from the other ranger. The heroes get supports from Samme, while the villains get support from Juri.